A range of spaces for community use, being let to enable the communities of Govanhill to thrive and to raise money to bring the whole building back into operation as the heart of Govanhill

We have halls suitable for Parties, Meetings, Ceilidhs, Concerts, Clubs, Classes - anything that needs a space either for a one off event or a longer series of lets.

And if you share our values of Peace, Love and Justice we'd be happy to partner with you to enable you to deliver your project.

Could Daisy Street Halls become
the town hall that Govanhill never had?

The Vestry

a gentle space often used as a creche

The name "The Vestry" reflects the History of the building.
It has soft furnishings, carpet, its own toilet.

The Meeting Room

as the name suggests; meetings, classes, group crafts

For groups of up to twenty, the meeting room's a perfect space to get together

The Cafe

an informal space with eight tables with four chairs each

The cafe is a great space to bring groups of up to thirty or so together to chat and share.. The tables can also be set up in a more formal style for classes and lectures

The Main Hall

a multipurpose space for concerts, services and even ceilidhs

With an attached kitchen the main hall hosts community canteens, concerts, dances and religious services run by various groups in the community


Send us an e-mail about your event, what date you would, what your event is, and if you want the space each day or week for a period of time